2012-04-27 - Canadian Pioneers

Pioneers announce new leader

by Michael Sears

Nonprofit leader to join world's largest industry-related volunteer corps

Denver, Colo. – Pioneers, the largest industry-related volunteer organization in the world, today announced that it is welcoming Charlene Hill as its new Executive Director.

"I am excited to have Charlene join us at this important moment in our history," said James M. Schmit, CenturyLink Idaho Vice President and Chairman of the Board of the Pioneers. "Her experience and expertise in nonprofit leadership will be critical as we enter our second century of service to North America"

Ms. Hill joins the Pioneers after consulting within the nonprofit sector, with a focus on executive management, organizational strategy and development and information technology. Prior to her consulting work, Ms. Hill spent 5 years at the Donor Awareness Council, where she helped establish Colorado as number one in the nation with a 65% organ and tissue donor designation rate. She also served as the Executive Vice President and Interim CEO of the Urban League of Metropolitan Denver.

Originally the Telephone Pioneers of America, Pioneers was founded in 1911. Over the past Century, the Pioneers has grown to 620,000 current members across the U.S. and Canada, who annually volunteer more than 12 million hours of service to their communities.

"While the telecom industry has evolved and changed over the past 100 years, Pioneers have remained a steadfast thread committed to our core tenets of service, fellowship and loyalty," said Hill. "I am so proud and excited to have the opportunity to join this amazing organization as it enters its second Century of service."

  • Throughout their 100-year history, the Pioneers have helped millions of people in a wide variety of unique ways including:
  • Inventing beeping baseballs so that visually-impaired children can play baseball as well as beeping Easter eggs so visually-impaired children can participate in egg hunts
  • Building special trikes so that children with motor and developmental issues can ride bikes
  • Repairing thousands of Talking Books for the National Library Service so the visually impaired can read
  • Painting maps of the U.S. and Canada across more than 10,000 playgrounds to teach children geography

Founded in 1911 as the Telephone Pioneers of America, Pioneers has grown to be the largest industry-related volunteer organization in the world. A non-profit network of more than 620,000 volunteers, Pioneers is committed to effect immediate, tangible change in local communities in partnership with its sponsors such as AT&T, Bell Aliant, CenturyLink, SaskTel, Verizon Foundation, FairPoint Communications, Frontier and Telcordia, as well as through its non-sponsored New Outlook and Canadian Pioneers groups. Committed to serving communities in the United States, Canada and around the world, Pioneers is headquartered in Denver, Colo. For more information visit www.pioneersvolunteer.org or call 1-800-976-1914.

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