2013-01-21 - International

A special message from the Chairman of the Board

Most of us probably don’t think anything of it when we pull on a warm pair of gloves before heading out in winter weather. For a lot of people though, they have nothing to keep their hands warm in the freezing cold.

That’s why, as part of my new role as Chairman of the Board, I am initiating a Chairman’s Challenge to all Pioneers across Canada and the United States. For every $10 you contribute, Pioneers will donate a pair of gloves to someone in need, up to 2,200 pairs. The gloves will be distributed to five charities in the Denver, Colorado area by local Pioneers, but the warmth of Pioneers coming together to make a difference will be felt across North America.

I want to thank all of you for the great work that is done in local communities because of your commitment to Pioneers. Please join me today in helping someone in need this winter together we can make a difference.
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