2013-10-28 - Canadian Pioneers

We're proud to have you as a member

As we celebrate Pioneers Week (October 28 - November 3), we recall over a century of dedication to service, fellowship and loyalty, the principals on which we were founded. 

We’re one of the largest volunteer service organizations in the world, a vast network for good in service to our communities but it’s only possible because of hundreds of thousands of individual Pioneers like you.  When each of us steps forward to share our time and our talents, great things are accomplished and urgent needs are met.

We are the face of volunteering, holding food and clothing drives, serving at local food banks and homeless shelters, helping out in times of crisis and disaster, and reaching out to mentor our local youth. We are the dependable helping hand our communities and our elderly would suffer without.

Our service projects are a success because of you and all of our volunteers. You are the heart of Pioneering and we value your time and talents so much. We’d love to have you join us during Pioneers Week by visiting the VolunteerNow! section of our web site or by contacting your local chapter, club or council to find out what events are planned in your local community.

Happy Pioneers Week and thank you for your loyalty and commitment to Pioneers.

Yours in Pioneering,
J. Michael Sears
Chairman of the Board, Pioneers
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